10 Ideas for a Farm Wedding

Photo: Wedding Chicks.com

I love this idea for a Cotton stalk bouquet for a Farm Wedding. There are so many ways to embrace your country heritage with a farm wedding.
  1. Use shear material at the opening of the barn door to make the perfect place for your "I do".
  2. Decorate the inside of the barn for the reception, use alot of hay bales.
  3. Use wooden benches or hay bales for your guests to sit on during the ceremony (the perfect touch).
  4. Cowboy boots under the brides wedding dress.
  5. Use farm wildflowers and fruit for your centerpieces.
  6. Hang Mason Jars with tealights on a row of shepherd's hooks(makes a great entrance).
  7. Sprinkle a few farm animals around for a realistic touch.
  8. If you have a pond, have bride and father to enter on a boat. Bride and Groom could also leave in the boat. Just remember it is water.
  9. Fill a boat with ice chests and fill with your favorite beverage cans.
  10. Use lots of burlap material for bows and other accents.

Bridal Party Or Couples Cocktail Invitations

Wow your Bridal Shower Guests with this Red Wine Shower Invitations.  Great for Girls Night Out or Bachelorette Party.  Guests will eagerly rsvp with this Wine Invite. This invitation is easy to customize with your party details.  

Couples Red Wine Cocktail Party Invitation
Couples Red Wine Cocktail Party Invitation by cooltees

With this couples Invitation, you can honor the bride and groom to be. Design has two red wine glasses on a red background.  Customizing the invitation online and ordering is simple.  You also have a 30 day money back guarantee on all invites.

Mother of the Bride

Mothers love being involved in their daughters wedding  and will do whatever they can to help. She is sometimes a counselor and sometimes the shoulder for the bride to cry on.   There can be confusion as to what the duties of the brides mother really are. Many of her  responsibilities will be out of love, but she will also take on a few specific duties.   Here are some of  the more common tasks.

  • Work with the Bride and Groom for the best location for the wedding and the reception.
  • Serve as primary contact person, not necessary making the decisions but helping to organize.
  • Helping the bride choose her wedding dress.
  •  Assist the bride with invitations and a guest list.
  • if you plan to have a receiving line, which most weddings do, the brides mother would head up the line, serving as hostess. 
 Treat Mom with one of these Mother of the Bride tote bags to 
  help her keep organized during the wedding process.
Mother of the Bride bag
Mother of the Bride by cooltees
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Ringbearer Gifts

Is there anything more adorable than a tot in a tux.  Whether it's the sweet smile or the twinkle in his eye, ring bearers usually steal the show at weddings especially when they make their entrance on the dance floor.
The job of the  ring bearer  is to carry a decorated pillow with a ring or set of rings sewn to it. (The rings are not usually  real ones).

Helpful Tips for Ringbearers
  • No sugar before the walk down the aisle.
  • Have a game bag ready for him to grab and take to the wedding.  It's an easy way to keep him occupied and calm during the wait before the wedding.
  • To de-stress the ringbearer, he can go down the aisle side by side with the flower girl.
Here are some gift ideas for your special wedding attendant.

Ring Bearer T-shirt shirt
Ring Bearer T-shirt by cooltees
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Don't laugh, many pets have served as their master's ring bearer.

Tips and Gifts for Flower Girls

  • At the  wedding, it might be helpful to assign someone to look after the flower girl.  This can assure that everything will turn out right.  Sometimes choosing someone that is  young to take care of the kids in the wedding is a better choice as they can communicate better.  Just make sure this person is an authority figure to the kids.
  •  Why not have  two flower girls or pair up ring bearer and flower girl so that they can proceed together.  Having a partner  will give them added confidence.
  • Seat her parents  near the front so that she can see them when she walks down the aisle and during the ceremony. 
  •  If you are having a night wedding, you may want to reconsider using very young children in the wedding.
Here are some gift ideas for your special flower girls.

World's Greatest Flowergirl sticker

    Tips for Cutting Wedding Cost

    No bride-to-be who wants to appear cheap on her wedding day. There are a lot of  wedding ideas which will cut down your costs, and still have stunning effects.   With a little creativity you can have a unique wedding day which will not cost a fortune.  Here are a few to get you started:
    ·       Ask for help instead of gifts
     Do you have friends who would love to DJ, family members that are photographers, an organized friend who could help plan your wedding.  Sit down with pen and pad, you may be surprised at the resources you have in front of you.

    ·       Vender Business Cards
    Offer to place business cards or a list of the vendors at the place setting of your guest or
    other places throughout the wedding.  Ask the vendor for a reduced rate for promoting
    their business. Most photographers, florist, or wedding planners would love this much exposure.

    ·       Make a Video
    Make a slide show or video of the couple. This makes the wedding more personalized.

    ·       Wedding Dress
    Check ebay for wedding dresses, or maybe your family has an heirloom dress that they would love   for you to wear.  You are not going to wear it again.  If you are serious about saving money, these are great options. And don’t forget Thrift shops in the large cities or resort areas.

    Margarita Bridal Shower Invite

    Tux Bachelor Party Invitations

    Groom Wedding Cap

    groom hat
    groom by cooltees
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    Bride Wedding Cap

    Groom and Attendant Steins

    Groom mug
    Groom by cooltees
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    Team Groom Pet Wedding T Shirt

    Save the Date Wedding Bells

    Wedding Crasher Pet T Shirt

     Humorous Pet T Shirt for the Wedding.

    Wedding Crasher petshirt
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    Wedding Dress Save the Date Magnet